Some of Shersher's Music CD's and Awards:

"I want people to hear the music in my paintings," says Zinovy Shersher, multi-award-winning Soviet-born painter entertainer and composer, who was the first fine artist to combine the passion and mystery of music and art. His distinctive style and genius, which is a mystical amalgam of spirituality, sensuality, and passion. Zinovy, a multi-talented composer, producer, singer and a fine artist, who has collaborated with the finest American and European artists, musicians and galleries, whose work has been prized by celebrities from Cher to Elizabeth Taylor, and scored “The Hunt for Red October”. Zinovy Shersher is extremely talented both as a musician and a fine artist. He creates his paintings by blending the elements of elegantly linearity, abstracted or cubistic spatiality, soothing and pleasantly harmonious color palettes, and compositions that knit the figures together expressively...” - Robert Rotshild, art critic, collector. During the past 3 decades in America, Zinovy Shersher wrote and produced 4 song albums in Russian and 7 CD albums in English. In 2003 he released his first Christmas record "Merry Christmas, I wrote this song for you", a heartwarming mix of 5 original songs and instrumentals and 5 licensed Christmas Carols. In 2005 Shersher co- produced a joint album with Conductor and ArrangerShelly Cohen (former assistant director of NBC’s Tonight Show orchestra) and conductor of his “Pacific "Pops" orchestra. Shersher participated in music videos, animated features and movie scores including "The Hunt for Red October” with SeanConnery and "Lucky Numbers". More than 100 articles, TV and Radio interviews have been devoted to Zinovy. His biography is in the "Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America", "Who’s Who in Art" and "Who’s Who in the West".

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Selected Awards Winning Songs and Music: (

Shersher's Multi-award winning Christmas Song.

Multi-award winning instrumental melody. Conducted by Shelly Cohen - Pacific Pops Orchestra

Shersher's song in Yiddish for the movie "Lucky Number".

Multi-awards winning Instrumental. New Age music category.

Number of projects of other artist and composer project were produced by Zinovy Shersher. Here is one of them, Muti-award winning project of Pianist and composer Irina Fooks.

Irina Fooks, Akademia Awards winner and Artist of the Year.

Irina Fooks emotional engaging solo pianist-composer is an artist with a strident and engaging style. Irina graduated from the Conservatory of Music as a pianist in Russia, then moved to the U.S. in 1989... though her new album pays homage to the great jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, Irina has a style completely her own, with strong leanings toward classical jazz ballads. What sets her work apart from all the other solo piano artists is her crisp and strident style of playing...” “Irina has a very straightforward playing style and creates music that is full of emotion, painting strong and sentimental visuals for listeners around the globe. There's no doubt in my mind that this performance merits strong consideration for awards... it evoked many memories of life and the living for me personally, and that's what makes Irina's work so worthy – she can reach out and touch the listener through her magical keyboards!“ - Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews. In 2017 Zinovy Shersher at “Ariel records”, Hollywood's composer and producer, a voting member of Grammy, recorded and produced Irina's music video “Dialogue” which won her an Akademia music award that year, and it was accepted for Grammy 60 in “Record of the year” category. He also released Irina's first full CD album “Homage to Dave Brubeck” will be released. This album features a solo pianist composer, Irina Fooks. The album includes seven compositions by Irina Fooks, D. Brubeck's “Chopin Tribute” and three Zinovy Shersher's compositions. “It's also quite surprising that though she has such a strong classical background, she is so comfortable with jazz ballads influenced by Dave Brubeck, and has produced such a strong tribute to him with this fine album.”, - Dick Metcalf.